Monday, September 23, 2013

Literati Book Review- The Bump List

Thank you so much Literati Book Reviews and the lovely Robbie! We were unable to sleep last night, knowing the review would be posted today...pins and needles! 5 stars?! Just what we needed! We are sincerely thrilled beyond belief that you loved it and are doing a fab give-away too! We love contests! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing our work, it's been a great experience!
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The review is posted below....

Robbie’s Review

They’re back!  BFF’s Madison and Kinley Hunt have survived tragic events including attempted murder which threaten their family and their sanity. Now when things are about to settle down, they are confronted with a malicious reporter whose sole purpose in life seems to be to destroy the happiness Madison and Kinley have found with the Hunt Brothers.  And as if that weren’t enough, both Cal and Rory are conflicted about the demands placed on them by their music careers.
Reflecting back, he thought of the tour and what a rush it was being back on stage.  It was the drug he needed pumping through his veins, but those moments in between, were something else.
Meanwhile Madison and Kinley have achieved a celebrity of their own and will be quick to tell you that even though they are often introduced as though they were a couple, they are not, but if they were….. Madison is the man! LOL! :-D
As we have come to expect from Miriam Brady and Amber Best, there are a plethora of plot twists. Old friends turn out to be faithless and new friends bring support and fame.  We have villains and villainesses, good mommas and bad mommas, more secrets and more revelations.  Ladies, you make my head spin!  The Hunt Brothers remain swoon worthy, especially Rory.  Can you imagine a man telling you “the only regret I have in this world is that we didn’t meet when we were young.  I should have really liked to have spent my whole life with you.” Oh. My!  And…. we’re introduced to another rocker boyfriend who is keeping a secret of his own.
As I’ve said before, I love this story!  No spoilers as to how The List of Possibilities really evolves into the The Bump List but readers will be excited and as we’ve come to see, nothing will be ordinary with these characters.  I continue to be amazed at how well the authors connect the books. I’m not sure what the next list could be, but I sincerely hope the authors plan another one.  I can’t imagine the story ending until all Madison and Kinley’s lists are completed!

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