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The List of Possibilities

 The List of Possibilities is also starting to receive some awesome feedback! We are so delighted that people are loving the book we affectionately call "Poss". Here's what some people are saying...and frankly we're delighted!

Our first official book review is out for The List of Possibilities! We are quite excited! Tiffany you have given us an amazing review and we feel terribly honored! Thank you for your lovely feedback on The Novel Tease blog... Check out their awesome website and our fabulous review which is pasted down below.

Title: The List of Possibilities (The Back-Up List #2)
Author: Miriam Brady & Amber Best
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m absolutely loving the duo that is Miriam and Amber! Their writing is so descriptive, I feel like I’ve known the characters forever. Once I started The List of Possibilities, I didn’t want to put it down. While running errands and doing other things, all I could think was, “Damn it, I need to figure out what Rory’s going to do!” or, “Poor Kinley! What is SHE going to do?” Back and forth, back and forth. My mind was in knots, but I LOVED IT!
This is the second book in The Back-Up List series. However, The List of Possibilities is written so well that you might not need to read the first book, although I highly recommend doing so because you’ll get a better understanding of all the characters’ personalities. The first installment was about Madison and Cal’s love story, and how they got together. This story is all about Kinley and Rory, chronicling their path to what everyone else already knew: they’re perfect for each other! :) As in the first, this book covers some very realistic situations that make me sad sometimes. Maybe that’s what grasps me. The fact that these characters are so personable and you root for their happiness. It’s a great way to really connect with the story and will make you keep wanting more from them.
Kinley never thought her husband would ever stray, but one time was all it took. It was the final straw. After so many hurtful comments and detached feelings, it was time to put an end to a long marriage with the man she thought loved her. As Kinley struggles to deal with the divorce being final, Rory has been having troubles of his own. His wife has been lying to him for the past 18 years. She never really loved him and though he should be shocked by such a revelation, he’s relieved. Rory hasn’t been in love with Jen for a few years now, but his main priority is their teenage son. Though he doesn’t want Matthew to deal with separated parents, he knows that living in the hell he’s in would be worse for him to witness. Jen has lied about more than just her adoration for him, it’s much worse. (You’ll have to read the book to find out what this crazy woman does to poor Rory…AND his family! :( ) To his surprise, Matthew also feels like a weight’s been lifted once he hears the news, almost excited even.
As Rory and Kinlely try to overcome their heartbreak, they realize the only happiness they have is when they talk to each other. There is this magnetic bond they share but we all know it’s something more, even if they don’t. ;) The two become the best of friends and are respectful enough to give one another time and space, to deal with their sadness. This story has so much heart, I think I may have loved it a teeny, tiny bit more than the first. *cue gasps* It was different! It still had those funny, witty moments, but I was even more sympathetic because both main characters needed real big hugs! :( PLUS, I loved getting glimpses of Maddy and Cal’s marriage bliss and moments with their daughter. *cue awws*
I absolutely love this series. It’s really great!! It’s much more than your typical romances. Amber and Miriam write a story that is so well-rounded, you’ll think you’re there in the scenes just hanging out. It’s such a touching story, I didn’t want it to end.  Rory and Kinley are the perfect people to find love after all they’ve been through emotionally. I’m so happy to pick up the next installment because I know it’s going to be great as well! :)

Our review by Terry Mitchell from Chick Lit Plus has given us one of the best reviews an author or two could hope for! Thank you for such lovely words, Terry. You always bring us to tears! Here is a link to their adorable site!

Book Review: The List of Possibilities by Miriam Brady and Amber Best

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Reviewer: Terry

the list of possibilities

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
It would be impossible not to read book two in this series after reading book one, I am in love with what the authors of this series has created and am now an avid fan of this theirs and what they have created here. This series has touched me so much that I have since recommended….and I will admit begged my close friends to read it. In fact my very best friend granted me with cards very similar to the ones depicted in this story-and then we cried.
This book is Kinley’s story, which much different from Maddy’s, was very touching and uniquely written. Kinley the best friend to the main character in book one is also struggling with marriage, life and keeping milk in the fridge. So much so she considers going back to her ex husband, seeing him as a safety net of sorts.
There were some small subtle hints to a Rory/Kinley twist in book 1…they were so small one would almost think they were imagining it….until this book!  Rory the brother of the main man Cal in book one is completely struggling with life and marriage. In fact he stuck around far longer then most would ever consider, with all the terrible things his wife pulled on him.
Without a doubt I believe that friendship is one of those things that get us through live in some of the most amazing ways. This to is true with Rory and Kinley’s friendship that the developed in this story.
Without each other as friends during such a terrible time in their lives, either could have made what would have been a terrible choice.
This was an amazing read about two people while strongly attracted to each other respected their friendship and values enough to develop an amazing friendship first before jumping in bed. I truly love that in both stories that this was how the relationships of these two couples were so strongly developed before sex came into the picture.
This book was not without page turning, unexpected stuff. And much like one these authors had me laughing one minute and crying the next.
My heart hurt with the unexpected tragedy and I loved the way the band handled it all.
These books have opened my eyes to look at musicians differently, I love the way it was detailed on how they spent their down time. In the real world we seldom think of famous musicians of ever doing normal things-like going to Target, so it was fun to see the backside of that lifestyle.
All in all, this book was an amazing read. Much like two I read it without hardly coming up for air. These books are an addictive series and I am tapping my toes waiting to see what these ladies come up with next!

5 stars


Here are a few reviews from Amazon-

5.0 out of 5 stars I love this story! August 29, 2013

By Robbie

Format: Paperback

When Miriam Brady and Amber Best wrote The List of Possibilities, the second book in their Series of Lists, they continued seamlessly with the story line and the characters from the first book which contained hints at things to come. Rory Hunt isn't a famous rock star on the make. He is a married man leading a relatively ordinary life for someone who spends his time in the limelight until one night at a concert, destiny guides his eyes to Kinley Brooke, a woman his heart recognizes.

"The three friends laughed, but her eyes looked up and locked with his when the lights began to dim. This was the moment he'd never seen coming, hitting him squarely in the chest with the force of a Mack truck. Who was she? He felt as though he'd been searching for her his entire life, and there she was. It wasn't just her physical beauty, which was quite stunning, but it was something in her soul."

Three years later, a lot has changed for Rory and for the woman who caught his eye at the concert making it possible that a glimpse at a concert and a chance encounter in London weren't just coincidences but promises for the future.

At times, the narrative and dialogue did not flow quite as well in this book as it did in the first one, but that does very little to detract from the overall quality of the story. The characters are so likable and relate to each other so well. Even though there is darkness and angst, there is also lighthearted banter and laugh-out-loud humor. And could Rory Hunt be any more romantic? *sighs*

"He pictured taking her to Paris, staying in a suite with the view of the Eiffel Tower, eating crêpes for lunch, shopping along the Champs-Élysées , having her buy whatever she wanted and making love to her any time of the day or night. He wanted to smother her with his body, devour her, touch her soul, fill her with his love but he was trapped trying to keep up the pretense of wanting only to be her friend."

May I say it just once? I love the story which began in The Back Up List and goes barreling forward totally unleashed in The List of Possibilities. Even though the Hunt brothers are gorgeous, rich and famous with hoards of worshipful fans, we don't see a lot of the seedy underbelly of the music world but rather people who work hard, shop, eat, and spend time with their families just like the rest of us. Before you start yawning, let me reassure you there is plenty of excitement in this book. The characters fall in and out of love, they hate, they cheat , they scheme and plot murder and spy on each other, and just when you think things are settling down, there is an explosion that changes everything. I have to say it again! I LOVE this story! The ending will satisfy readers for the time being, but artfully segues into Book #3 of A Series of Lists, The Bump List.

Sara's Review of "The List of Possibilities": from smexybookaholics

The first book in this series The Back-Up List was Cal and Madison's (aka Maddy) book. In this second book in the series, The List of Possibilities, we are given Rory and Kinley's story. Rory is Cal's brother and band mate in their band Murder of Crows and Kinley is Maddy's best friend.

In this book, Rory's marriage is falling apart after events that had occurred at the end of The Back-Up List. Kinley has suffered a failed marriage as well. They are both attracted to each other, though neither one admitted it to each other for quite some time in the book and even though everyone around them could see the attraction they held for each other, Rory and Kinley just didn't see it.

Rory is trying to be close to Kinley and they develop what she considers to be a "friendship". He is trying to wait until his son Matthew is old enough to move out and go to college before he breaks the family apart by divorcing the woman he has grown to despise.

Kinley on the other hand is struggling financially with being on her own. Her cheating ex-husband wants her back and she has her 2 daughters that don't know the reason they'd divorced to deal with. She's too proud to accept help to save her house or to accept help from anyone, including Maddy.

Rory and Kinley grow closer throughout the book as their "friendship" grows. They grow to depend and confide in each other. This ends up making Rory's already psychotic soon to be ex-wife even more desperate in her attempts to hold onto Rory.

Meanwhile, if you've read my review of The Back-Up List you know that Maddy and Kinley each have "Back-Up Lists". It's a list of celebrity crushes that they don't ever expect to meet, but they are on this list as candidates to replace their significant others in certain circumstances. Maddy got her #1 guy on her "Back Up List" when she married Cal. Kinley's #1 is Rory. Rory has no idea that he's #1 on Kinley's list until later in the book either.

Cal decides to play matchmaker for Kinley to help her get over her divorce and he knows his brother Rory is off-limits since he's still married, so he sets her up with the #2 on her list after he steals her Back Up List from her purse.

There is a horrific chain of events that happens in this book that involve the guy that is #2 on her list. While he may be a great looking guy, he's lacking in a great personality and Kinley just doesn't have a connection with him. When she breaks it off with him, he turns into a stalker and the lengths he goes to are so horrific to try to get her back.

Add the stalker to Rory's psychotic soon to be wife and you've got yourself a pretty action packed book for awhile wondering what the hell they are going to do next in their attempts to win back the ones they claim to love. The things they do are horrific and two people very close to Cal and Rory end up victims of something that is done. Then you've got Kinley's cheating ex-husband who will stop at nothing in his attempts to win her back. This book definitely had quite a few moments when I was really wondering where the story would go and what horrific act would be done next.

Rory doesn't want all these other men in Kinley's life, he wants her for himself. He was warned by Maddy though that if he makes any move on Kinley while Rory is still married that Kinley will never fully trust him and they'd never work out. After Kinley already suffered through one failed marriage due to infidelity, Maddy tells him that if he "cheats" on his wife with Kinley when he's married that Kinley will always question if that's the kind of person Rory is and he doesn't want her to have any doubts that SHE is all he wants when he can finally make his move.

But will Rory be too late for a chance to be with Kinley by the time he finally gets his divorce finalized? Will they finally admit to each other how deeply they have fallen for each other during their "friendship" and how badly they want to be together.

What I love about these books is Amber and Miriam did a great job of making these characters totally relatable. These aren't characters like in some books where you can make no connection with them. I love the loyalty that Cal, Maddy, Kinley and Rory have for each other and how they are all so close and would do anything for each other. I just really love these books!! When I finish one book I can't wait to pick up the next to see where their story goes next!! I LOVE the humor in the books as well. I'd definitely recommend this series.
5.0 out of 5 stars All I can say is WOW!!!, June 25, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The List of Possibilities (A Series of Lists) (Volume 2) (Paperback)
I thought "The Back-Up List" was good. This book topped that. I was at the edge of my seat reading it. It was suspenseful. I was hanging on every word. The characters worked so well together. The book was so well written. It had romance, heartache, and friendship all combined to make a book worth your time to read. I look forward to the next book "The Bump List". I really hope that in the future a movie is made about these books. Miriam and Amber you both are AMAZING!

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't WAIT to start reading The List of Possibilities after I finished The Back-Up List!!!, June 23, 2013
C. D. Gamboa (California) -   
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The List of Possibilities (A Series of Lists) (Volume 2) (Paperback)
I loved how the List of Possibilities picked up right where The Back-Up List ended. I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Rory's life after what his wife pulled on him. It held my interest the whole time.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read, March 29, 2013
Jenny -
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The List of Possibilities (A Series of Lists) (Volume 2) (Paperback)
I absolutely loved this sequel!!!! I loved how Cal and Maddy still had large roles. Many times in sequels the original characters are only mentioned, not in this book! I loved the story can't wait to read The Bump List!!! Loved it!

Goodreads Reviews-

Tiffany Choez
4.5 STARS!!
This book, like the first was simply beautiful! Such a touching story I didn't want it to end! Rory and Kinley are the perfect people to find love after all they've been through emotionally. Just wonderful!! A great second installment!

Molly Fyvie
I thought this book was cleverly written. I loved the characters. I feel like they could be some of my girlfriends. They crack me up with their banter.

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