We definitely had some Tunes in mind when we wrote The Back-Up List. Just as every great movie would not be complete without a great soundtrack, we felt Maddy and Cal deserved one as well. Here's the music that sang to us as their story played out.

Maddy: Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World

Maddy thinking of Jack: From Where You Are - Lifehouse

Cal: Gotta Be Somebody - Nicklelback

Cal meeting Maddy: Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

Maddy meeting Cal: Womanizer - Britney Spears

Maddy: Uninvited - Alanis Morissette

Maddy: Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert

Cal in Vegas: Tonight (I'm Lovin' You) - Enrique Iglesias featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E

Maddy in Vegas: I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson

Cal: Why Don't You And I - Chad Kroeger, Santana & Santana

Cal: Savin' Me – Nickelback

Cal: Glad You Came - The Wanted

Cal: Hero/Heroine - Boys Like Girls

Cal: Feelin' Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback

Cal: Holding on to Heaven - Nickelback

Cal & Maddy: Paper Thin Hymn - Anberlin

Cal/ Maddy*: It's Not Over – Daughtry

Cal: Sorry - Buckcherry

Cal: Stella - All Time Low

Cal: Trying Not To Love You- Nickelback

Cal: Far Away - Nickelback

Maddy: Arms- Christina Perri
Maddy: Everything - Michael Buble'


All songs are in chronological order with events in the book.

* Due to a disagreement between authors...Miriam says it's Maddy's point of view...Amber says it's clearly Cal because he tends to be so self-involved!!!


The List of Possibilities is our second book in A Series of Lists. We just love Cal and Maddy in our first book and think that Rory and Kinley’s love story is just as endearing. We have, of course, a separate play list for our second book and hope you can see where the songs fit in.


Rory: She’s the Blade- Sugar Cult

Kinley: Rest in Pieces- Saliva

Kinley: Wide Awake- Katy Perry

Rory: Night Drive- All-American Rejects

Ryan- The Reason- Hoobastank

Cal and Maddy-Hello Dolly- Barbara Streisand and Louis Armstrong

Rory: Stop and Stare- One Republic

Rory: Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows

Rory: Don’t Worry Baby- Beach Boys

Kinley to Ryan: Set Fire to the Rain- Adele

Rory: Here Without You- Three Doors Down

Kinley: Catch my Breath- Kelly Clarkson

Bryce: Every Breath You Take- The Police

Rory: Someone That You’re With- Nickelback

Rory: Save the Last Dance- Michael Bublé

Kinley for Ryan: Just too Close- Alex Clare

Rory: Don’t Ever Let it End- Nickelback

Kinley for Ryan: Part of Me- Katy Perry

Rory: Love Song- Tesla

Bryce: Follow You Home- Nickelback

Rory: Dance Inside- All-American Rejects

Bryce: Wake Up Call- Maroon 5

Rory: You Come to My Senses- Chicago

Rory: Right Down the Line- Gerry Rafferty

Kinley: According to You- Oranthi

Kinley: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Kinley: Hummingbird heartbeat – Katy Perry

Cal and Kinley: The Point of No Return- Phantom of the Opera- Andrew Lloyd Webber

Rory: Never Gonna be Alone- Nickelback











  2. I think you're both right. Maddy fits the first verse and Cal gets the second.

  3. I loved the song list. and it fits maddy and cal and what the book is about! and yes Nickelback is the best--Lisa Brown