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 The Bump List


We know we shouldn't have favorites among our brain children, AKA our books...but The Bump List is our favorite...don't tell the other books. We guess it's because we just love happy endings...and happily ever afters...This book is so fun! Here is some of the feedback we've received on Amazon!


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, June 25, 2013

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This review is from: The Bump List (A Series of Lists) (Volume 3) (Paperback)
There are books that you read that are filthy. This book is exciting and romantic. There is no filth. Once you start reading, you can't put it down.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Summer Read!, May 23, 2013
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This review is from: The Bump List (A Series of Lists) (Volume 3) (Paperback)
This is the 3rd book in the series!!! I bought the kindle but had to buy this as a paperback as well bc this series is one of my favorites! I love the characters, story, and how I am actually lol-ing and crying! These authors make me feel as though these people really do exists! Great read!!!!

Andra Trammell (PROVO, UT, US)
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This review is from: The Bump List (A Series of List) (Kindle Edition)
This is one of those books you can't put down-- like the other books in this series! I laughed, cried and loved every minute of this book! The only problem is that it ended :( Can't wait for the next book!


4.5 STARS!!
AHHH!! I don't want this series to end! I need more! More of what happens in the kids' lives and what crazy things my favorite couples will get in to! ;) Such a great book! Can't recommend this series enough! LOVE it! (A blogger named Tiffany with Novel Tease)

's review
Sep 10, 13

Read in September, 2013

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review……

To start I have to say that seldom do I read a series and like every book in the series…there is often one I prefer over the others…I cannot claim that with this series as I am in love with all 3 so far!

Book one was Maddy’s story and 2 was Kinley’s. Book 3 was a combined story with just as many surprises as well as tears and strong emotions!
This one is the story of the two couples being ousted by a reporter that felt she needed to drag their very private and painful story out in the wide open and expose them much like pouring salt on an open wound. I was angry with the reporter when she showed private video’s taking shortly before Maddy’s family…. I actually wanted to shake her and make her see how utterly painful it would be for a mom to see those moments…not last moments but nearly on public television….The authors help me have such sympathy with these ladies, as well as Cal and Rory over the loss of their band members that I wanted to shelter them for all they went through.

I loved that Kinley and Maddy ended up pregnant together and even more of their fun quirky relationship comes out with that. I am madly in love with Kevin and I believe I have met him…no matter how much it is claimed that all characters in these stories are fictitious.

I loved Annabelle! She is a refreshing character and seems to be very genuine, and fits in very well friendship wise with the Maddy and Kinley! I was heart broke over the friendship issues that surfaced in this book…although I do feel that I saw it coming in book 2. I think friendships sometimes run their course like this and while that is the way life is and it's best to mourn it and move on it is never easy to see the other side of it and just simply learn and grow from it.

As for Maddy’s mother, I have no sympathy and applauded her keeping that nasty woman as far from the ones she loves as she can…

The authors did an amazing job with this book! I dreaded the end and I am now sitting on my hands nervous for how they will surprise me with the next book…I have no doubt of a next book as you just can’t leave me hanging like that ladies!

As always so much of what they write, I relate too…to the point where these books are an active topic of conversation with my very best friend, who has read and loved them just as much as I have. I love the relationship between Maddy and Kinley and believe that everyone should have a lifetime friendship like theirs.

Literati Book Reviews- September 23, 2013

Robbie’s Review

They’re back!  BFF’s Madison and Kinley Hunt have survived tragic events including attempted murder which threaten their family and their sanity. Now when things are about to settle down, they are confronted with a malicious reporter whose sole purpose in life seems to be to destroy the happiness Madison and Kinley have found with the Hunt Brothers.  And as if that weren’t enough, both Cal and Rory are conflicted about the demands placed on them by their music careers.
Reflecting back, he thought of the tour and what a rush it was being back on stage.  It was the drug he needed pumping through his veins, but those moments in between, were something else.
Meanwhile Madison and Kinley have achieved a celebrity of their own and will be quick to tell you that even though they are often introduced as though they were a couple, they are not, but if they were….. Madison is the man! LOL! :-D
As we have come to expect from Miriam Brady and Amber Best, there are a plethora of plot twists. Old friends turn out to be faithless and new friends bring support and fame.  We have villains and villainesses, good mommas and bad mommas, more secrets and more revelations.  Ladies, you make my head spin!  The Hunt Brothers remain swoon worthy, especially Rory.  Can you imagine a man telling you “the only regret I have in this world is that we didn’t meet when we were young.  I should have really liked to have spent my whole life with you.” Oh. My!  And…. we’re introduced to another rocker boyfriend who is keeping a secret of his own.
As I’ve said before, I love this story!  No spoilers as to how The List of Possibilities really evolves into the The Bump List but readers will be excited and as we’ve come to see, nothing will be ordinary with these characters.  I continue to be amazed at how well the authors connect the books. I’m not sure what the next list could be, but I sincerely hope the authors plan another one.  I can’t imagine the story ending until all Madison and Kinley’s lists are completed!

From Smexybookaholics

Sara's Review of "The Bump List":
The first book in the series, The Back-Up List was Cal and Maddy's story and the second book in the series, The List of Possibilities was Rory and Kinley's book, this third book in the series, The Bump List, it's a story for both couples.

All the characters have been through hell and survived tragic events that others weren't so lucky to pull through such as attempted murder, death of people close to them and many more things that threatened their families and sanity.

In this book, Cal and Rory are both conflicted on where their career will go following the tragic events that happened in The List of Possibilities. They both have different goals in mind. Cal loves being on stage and wants to continue that while Rory has other dreams in mind and would prefer to focus on producing more than anything and spending time with his new wife Kinley. Recent events have them second guessing what they want next in life as far as their futures are concerned.

Now that Maddy and Kinley are married to the Hunt brothers, and each got to be with their #1 guy on their Back-Up Lists, despite having to move on from tragic events, life is going great.... until a malicious reporter starts digging up dirt on Madison and Kinley's past with the sole purpose of destroying what happiness Maddy and Kinley have created for themselves.

Both Maddy and Kinley end up pregnant at the same time so despite the reporter hounding them and also bringing Maddy's mother into her life, a mother that she doesn't want anything to do with, things are going great for both families for the most part. But will their happiness last? Can their marriages survive when both Maddy and Kinley are accused of being gold diggers that were out to marry the Hunt brothers for their money?

Maddy and Kinley also have to deal with the fact that those they thought to be close friends for many years are so overcome with jealousy and taking advantage of them and their closest friends may not be who they thought they were. Will friendships survive or be torn apart?

I LOVED how Maddy and Kinley each had alter egos when they were pregnant named Kevin. So whenever they would have some hormonal outburst and get really angry or tell someone off, they blamed "Kevin". I love the humor in this book, but really the humor in the entire series is fantastic!!

We are introduced to many characters in this book, some good and some not so good, but it kept the story interesting. There is moments of happiness, sadness and suspense in this book. I'd definitely highly recommend this series!!

I LOVED this book! It was my favorite so far in the series and I am highly anticipating the next book, so Amber and Miriam if you are reading this PLEASE work quick and get the next book written!! I'm desperate to know where the story goes after it ended the way it did!!


Who are Sara and Jenny? It's a mystery, but one thing is for sure, if we ever meet them...they are both getting a huge hug! They both left reviews for all three books, how awesome! Thanks ladies!

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