We just want to give a 'shout out' to our agent, Ciara Sullivan, for her dogged determination and hours of endless work. She was tireless, and incredible. We don't call her the Wizard for nothin'! She could take Gandalf for sure!
We want to thank the folks at PFP for their incredible support, much like a good bra or a nifty pair of shoes! You guys ROCK!!!!
Thanks to the artist Cillian Cubstead who made us drool over a drawing. That takes some talent. To check out Cillian's work try googling Valkyrie Komics. We recommend their online comic Bunny Head.
Ruby Lowe, we have to thank you too! Your cover design has us shedding tears of joy! We sooooo love it!
Phew....that was almost like typing a novel....believe us- we know!!!!
Miriam & Amber

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