Madison and Kinley have been making a list of made up words since they were in Junior High. Here's a peak at their Jargon Jotter, or dictionary notebook. It might give you insight into their quirkiness.

ADD moment- [A-D-D moh-muh nt]- That instant when your brain travels through a hundred different scenarios and random thoughts and you lose your train of thought. (all three books)

Bestower- [bih-stoh-r]- The bossiest person in the group who controls the timeframe of all activities. (book 1)

Bondish- [Bond-ish]-  When a man is wearing a tuxedo, looking especially debonair, and very much like he’s about to answer you with the phrase, “Bond, James Bond.” (book 1)

Coopered- [Koo p-erd]- If you’re a woman who wears copious amounts of make-up you will have experienced this. You have your make-up on and you get into the shower…but when you exit the shower your eye make-up has shifted to cover your entire face. You look as though you’ve been beaten up or like Alice Cooper’s make-up artist has paid you a visit. (Gotta love Alice Cooper). (book 2)

Debitor- [Deb-it-er]- This word has its’ origins in a spoken slip up by Maddy. She meant to say one thing when she said another. She and Kinley decided it meant to owe someone a huge favor.(book 1)

G-String- [gee- stah-ring] You’re probably thinking you already know what this is- you’re clearly incorrect. No perversion here. It’s a magazine! Get your mind out of the gutter. (all three books)

Gooshy- [goo- shee]- Super soft, emotional, sappy enough to cry over commercials. (book 1)

Hun Hair- [Huhn Hair]- A high bun on your head, also known as gym hair. Haven’t you seen Mulan? (book 2,3)

Kevin- [Kev-in]- Ah...Kevin our favorite scapegoat. If you’re pms-ing, blame Kevin, if you’re hormonal and pregnant, blame Kevin, if you hate something but can’t share your opinion- blame Kevin. He is an alter-ego used as an excuse. Example- Kevin hates your party.  (books 1 and 3)

Ne-Vil- [Nah-ee-vuh l] Nice-Evil- A frenemy would be ne-vil. (book 2)

Rosebud- [Rohz-buhd]-If Maddy and Kinley work ‘rosebud’ into a conversation with you, you can assume you are as boring, or more boring than the movie Citizen Kane. (books 1 and 2)

Sharleen- [Shahr- leen]- This is a hybrid of two names, we will never reveal. These two actors who were once hot and did not age well. Their names have been combined in such a way as to disguise them. So Sharleen is a person who hit their peak of hotness when they were young, and sadly it went downhill from there. (book 1 and 3)

Spagger- [Spuh-ag-er]-  They borrowed this one from Rory Hunt....Spoon dagger (book 1)

Sugata- [Soo-gah-tah]- Greatest movie of all time!(NOT) Sanshiro Sugata- Foreign film filled with rosebuds, hun hair, and Kevins. The movie showcased a fashion trend that has yet to be picked up. However, you will see Sugatas from time to time. A Sugata is a man wearing socks with sandals. Not our favorite look, but funny when spotted. (book 2)

Ted-[Ted]- A Ted is the opposite of a Sharleen. This is a person who was homely or gangly as a youth. Once puberty hits- wow.  (book 3)

Tharms- [ Thah-rmz]- Thigh-arms (book 1)

Unrewardable- [Uhn- ri-wawrd-ey-buh l]- There is no point, some things are not rewarding, but it’s way more fun to say unrewardable. (book 1)

Wilson- [Wil-suh n]- Maddy and Kinley once had a professor named Professor Wilson. He was one of those who would ask you to write about Hamlet, then tell you your paper was excellent, but also in the same breath, tell you it wasn’t your best work. He drove them insane. (book 2)




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