Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Favorite FAQs

Since we began our whole back-up list adventure, we've been asked some questions more than others. Our favorite most frequently asked questions are...Do you have a back-up list and who is on it? These two questions actually go hand in the answer is yes we do, yes we have them in our wallets and here they are-
1. Paul Walker- He's Fast and I'm Curious
2. Henry Cavill- He can be my Superman
3. Gerard Butler- From Olympus is Fallen
4. Ryan Peake- my interest is peaked...yes
5. Charlie Hunnam- no need to explain
1. Gerard Butler- from any Gerard movie
2. Ryan Peake- Smokin' Nickelback man
3. Henry Cavill- Seriously delicious hottie
4. Richard Armitage- North and South
5. Michael Vartan- Alias!

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